Analytics-driven Cloud SIEM

Sumo Logic is a cloud security analytics platform that provides security intelligence for your microservices, hybrid and multi-cloud environment. Sumo Logic can be your first cloud SIEM, replace your legacy SIEM, or co-exist with your existing SIEM solution. Consolidate your log management, compliance, and security analytics tools into one. Thousands of enterprises rely on Sumo Logic Security Analytics for their day-to-day security operations.

Analytics-driven Cloud SIEM

A cloud SIEM for modern IT

  • Secure your cloud journey before, during and after cloud migration
  • Support your multi-cloud strategy with a unified view of security and compliance for AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Unify the security across AWS Security Hub, Azure Security and GCP Security Command Center
  • Correlate metrics and logs across various cloud services including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Benchmark threat detection on AWS
  • Prioritize the long tail of rare events
A cloud SIEM for modern IT

Secure your modern apps

「Sumo Logicの素晴らしいサポートのおかげで、当社はプライバシーとセキュリティの目標を達成することができました。Sumo Logicは、お客様の組織を確実に成功に導くことを常に考えています。」




Continuous security monitoring

  • Identify threats in real-time
  • Respond to security incidents quickly
  • Analyze risk through identity and context awareness
  • Detect anomalies with machine learning on the cloud
  • Collaborate with people across the teams in Ops and IT
Continuous security monitoring

Threat detection in real-time

  • Get visibility into your security and compliance
  • Isolate threats quickly with added context
  • Enforce security configurations and monitor for their drifts on a multi-cloud and hybrid environment
  • Monitor full stack from microservices to applications on both old and new IT
  • Continuous monitoring of users, apps, data and infrastructure
  • Integrated threat intelligence for full stack threat detection
  • Up to 95% reduction in threat detection time
Threat detection in real-time

Secure your AWS instances

「Our move to Sumo Logic has been a great success in every aspect. We can see what we need to see in both our physical data center and within Amazon Web Services.」


Glenn Watt


Machine learning investigation

  • LogReduce and LogCompare perform ultra-fast searches and forensic investigation
  • Assisted investigation workflow for advanced threat detecting capabilities
  • Benchmark your threats against your peers to understand what is normal
  • Investigate rare events and long tail threats you cannot perform with traditional SIEM software
  • Up to 85% reduction in incident response time
Machine learning investigation

Incident response and automation

  • Manage alerts and events easily
  • Create automated tickets based on sequence of events
  • Integrate with modern ticketing and alerting system for automation
  • Isolate risky users and assets through deep integrations with access management tools
Incident response and automation

Continuous compliance delivered at cloud scale

  • Certified for PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2.0 and more
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Monitor security configurations and drifts
  • Secure access controls and monitor for malicious user behavior
  • Increase security hygiene for better compliance
  • Simplify audits and reduce the cost of compliance
Continuous compliance delivered at cloud scale

Secure what matters

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