Actionable insights from machine data

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics helps makes sense of petabytes of data by using statistical, indexing, filtering and machine learning techniques. Sumo Logic’s cloud-native platform analyzes large volumes of machine data (logs and metrics) to drive actionable insights.

Learn How Sumo Is Unifying Logs and Metrics

The three V's: Volume, Velocity and Variety

Machine data represents new analysis challenges due to large volumes, high velocity of data and different data types.

Outliers and indicators

Sumo Logic’s advanced machine data analytics can help you stay ahead of business, operational and security issues. The difference of even a few minutes in detecting a leading indicator and predicting a critical event could mean the difference between a business-critical outage or revenue-generating opportunity.

Sumo Logic helps you:

  • Collect and analyze all your data whether it is unstructured, semi-structured or structured
  • Correlate and contextualize logs and time-series metric for better visualization and faster root cause analysis
  • Isolate problems quickly with outlier detection and machine-learning algorithms
  • Predict future KPI violations, abnormal behaviors and future business needs.
Outliers and indicators

Analytical techniques

Sumo Logic applies advanced analytics to your logs and time-series metrics to drive IT and business insights. These capabilities include:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Transactional analysis
  • Filtering
  • Mathematical operations, including maximum, sum, average and minimum
  • Visual analysis in the form of histograms, pie charts, etc.
  • Boolean logic
  • Pattern detection to reduce millions of logs into meaningful patterns
  • Outlier detection
  • Comparative analytics (based on time or gold standards)
  • Predictive analytics (linear projection model)
Analytical techniques

Sumo Logic for advanced analytics

Unlike other analytics solution, Sumo Logic makes it quick and easy to get started with advanced analytics that unify logs and metrics data. With Sumo Logic, you can:

  • Analyze all the data you need, not just what you can afford or what your system can handle
  • Derive the right insights in real time
  • Scale up or down to meet business demands without manual intervention
  • Aggregate and correlate logs and time-series metrics across your full application stack and across the build, run and secure lifecycle of your modern applications.
Sumo Logic for advanced analytics