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Unified Logs and Metrics for Real-Time Monitoring

Why Sumo Logic for Cloud Monitoring


Solve problems proactively

Take complete control of your environment and solve common problems before they impact your operations.


Track and optimize user experience

Monitor activity and troubleshoot all server processes to ensure a flawless interface for your users.

Enable Devops

Break team and tech barriers

Eradicate silo mentality to build a collaborative culture that ensures quality throughout development and delivery.

Cloud Monitoring Tools for Full-Stack Visibility

The modern data ‘stack’ includes the runtime versions of your applications, virtual infrastructure, container tech, and more, all operating together to deliver product and experience. Traditionally these have been monitored as separate focus areas, with teams operating independently and observing distinctions between roles.

But in today’s continuous delivery environment these distinctions, or silos, slow down delivery and can create bottlenecks with troubleshooting. Sumo Logic provides the tools and techniques you need to eliminate silo thinking and tune your applications and infrastructure to operate in seamless unison.

Cloud Monitoring Tools for Full-Stack Visibility

Cloud Monitoring Without the Overhead

Monitoring the full stack in your live environment can require processing up to terabytes of data. The wrong design and approach to handling all that information can further bloat and drain your network, causing higher costs.

Sumo Logic’s unified logs and metrics solves this problem. Collate massive, diverse data points for at-a-glance understanding of CPU utilization, memory status, disk space, network bandwidth, and more.

This data powers Sumo Logic’s advanced analytics, providing your team with real-time insights into:

  • Boolean logic
  • Statistical and transactional analysis
  • Pattern and outlier detection
  • Comparative analytics

Sumo Logic even provides predictive analytics in the form of easy-to-understand linear projection models so you can capitalize and correct before trouble hits.

Cloud Monitoring Without the Overhead

Decrease MTTI and MTTR With Advanced Monitoring

Organizations measure their troubleshooting efficiency by two important metrics: mean time to identify (MTTI) and mean time to respond (MTTR). Sumo Logic’s advanced monitoring can significantly improve performance in both areas by making it easier to see and fix problems.

With powerful solutions like LogReduce Engine and the LogCompare tool, it’s easy to visualize and analyze patterns so you can respond to potential threats faster. Sumo Logic’s tools use machine learning to reduce the noise within your logs and identify key trends.

Decrease MTTI and MTTR With Advanced Monitoring

Powerful Log Monitoring for DevOps

Unleashing the lightspeed power of devops in your environment brings unparalleled opportunities—and the potential log monitoring nightmares that come with them. This is where unified logging becomes more important than ever.

Sumo Logic consolidates, filters, and analyzes your devops data by focusing on the Three Ways:

  • Flow. Constantly ingest logs to provide real-time insight into data flow.
  • Feedback and Telemetry. Use continuous feedback mechanisms to monitor problems as they occur and share events with everyone in the build, run, and secure stream.
  • Continuous Learning and Experimentation. Constantly incorporate new data to test and improve product and shorten release cycles through the continuous delivery pipeline.

Sumo Logic provides the right tools to ensure that ever-shrinking gap between release cycles doesn’t flood your human capital in a deluge of data.

Powerful Log Monitoring for DevOps

Sumo Logic Apps for Cloud Monitoring

Take complete command of cloud monitoring—no matter the platform—with these and other applications from Sumo Logic’s comprehensive solutions packages:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Sumo Logic offers an extensive range of apps to support AWS diagnostics such as ELB, Config, VPC Flow, and S3.
  • Microsoft Azure: Sumo Logic integrates with essential Azure services such as Network Watcher, Web Apps, and Azure Audit to improve your Azure troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • Google Apps: Sumo Logic consolidates your Google apps data into you one dashboard for monitoring and troubleshooting all your Google tools.
  • Mac OS X: Use customizable dashboards and real-time event detection to power real-time log parsing and analytics.
  • Microsoft: Analyze your entire Windows environment with the Sumo Logic App for Windows, dig into SQL server performance with the Microsoft SQL Server app, or monitor your Active Directory environment.
  • Apache: Gain essential insights into your Apache environment, or get more specialized with the Sumo Logic Apache Tomcat app.
  • Compliance: Demystify the compliance challenge with Sumo Logic apps, including apps for PCI compliance, CrowdStrike integration, Zscaler analytics, and much more.
Sumo Logic Apps for Cloud Monitoring

Sumo Logicのクラウドネイティブプラットフォーム

Sumo Logicクラウドネイティブプラットフォームで、データ駆動型の意思決定を行い、セキュリティと運用上の問題を調査する時間を短縮し、より重要な活動にリソースを充当。

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