Complete infrastructure monitoring for complete peace of mind

Get a complete view of your cloud infrastructure, on-prem and hybrid environments with Sumo Logic Infrastructure Monitoring. Make smarter decisions, throttle and optimize capacity, reduce unplanned outages and resolve application performance issues before they impact users.

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All your infrastructure monitoring insights in one place

Sumo Logic's infrastructure monitoring tool offers complete visibility across your infrastructure and application components to help you resolve issues, avoid outages and optimize capacity.

Kubernetes monitoring

Use native integrations and built-in server monitoring, diagnostics, troubleshooting and security dashboards with the Sumo Logic Kubernetes Monitoring app. Get instant access to performance metrics, logs, traces and Kubernetes system and security events with our OpenTelemetry collector.

Kubernetes monitoring

Database monitoring

Gain visibility into database health, performance and behavior with KPIs, such as failed logins, slow queries, connections or deadlocks for technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL and more.

Database monitoring

AWS monitoring

Use Sumo Logic’s deep AWS integrations for unified visibility of AWS services and lightning-fast troubleshooting across EC2, ECS, RDS, ElastiCache, API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, Application ELB, Network ELB, SNS and SQS.

AWS monitoring

Azure monitoring

Gain visibility into your Azure stack without having to parse individual logs and write complex queries. Access out-of-the-box dashboards to monitor your Azure stack and seamlessly run your applications into Azure. Sumo Logic supports Azure Audit, Azure Active Directory, Azure Network Watcher, Azure SQL Database, Azure Web Apps and Microsoft 365.

Azure monitoring

Google Cloud Platform monitoring

Integration with Google Stackdriver and out-of the-box content provides visibility into Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure and managed services, including Google App Engine, VPC, IAM and Cloud-Audit. Export data collected by Stackdriver to Google Cloud Pub/Sub and push logs to Sumo Logic in real time.

Google Cloud Platform monitoring

OpenTelemetry collection

Isolate and fix issues before they become problems. With the Sumo Logic OpenTelemetry Collector, you can collect infrastructure data in all forms (logs, metrics, traces, events). The Sumo Logic Distribution for OpenTelemetry provides out-of-the-box configuration for 25+ sources, including the most commonly used databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, and Redis), operating systems (Mac, Windows, and Linux) and web servers (NGINX and IIS).

OpenTelemetry collection

One infrastructure monitoring solution to replace them all

We hear you — there are too many infrastructure and application monitoring tools in this world. That's why Sumo Logic offers everything you need to get started fast and troubleshoot even faster, without breaking the bank.


OpenTelemetry-powered onboarding

Start monitoring your infrastructure in minutes with an easy onboarding workflow, powered by our OpenTelemetry collector. We take the complexity out of getting started with OTel, so you can move away from proprietary tools to an open standard for collection.


Unified platform

Get visibility into your AWS, GCP or Azure environments, and break down data silos with one platform for your logs, metrics and traces. With out-of-the-box content for hundreds of the most popular tools, from databases to servers, the Sumo Logic platform can help ensure full visibility into your stack.


Flexible pricing

Not all data is of equal importance, and that's why we give you cost flexibility through our unique licensing model that includes tiering and credits. With Sumo Logic, a metric is a metric — we don't charge extra for custom metrics with our DPM structure.


Data-driven insights

Get alerted on issues before they're problems. Our robust search query language empowers teams with a rich operator library and easy-to-use search templates to quickly filter insights and results. Identify and predict anomalies in real time with outlier detection, and uncover root causes using our patented LogReduce® and LogCompare pattern analysis.


What is infrastructure monitoring, and how do I do it well?

Getting infrastructure monitoring right requires bringing together your organization’s IT infrastructure logs and system metrics to track the health of your infrastructure. By leveraging your logs and metrics, an infrastructure monitoring solution should help you isolate and fix issues before they become problems.

While metrics give you a point-in-time understanding of what is happening with your systems, logs can help you understand why an issue may be occurring. These log files contain critical information that can help you detect operational issues and capacity problems, identify possible security breaches or malicious attacks and uncover new areas of business opportunity.

What factors are important when evaluating an infrastructure monitoring solution?

First and foremost, to align with modern architectures, it’s important to have a scalable cloud-native infrastructure monitoring solution with log file monitoring and analysis to enhance observability and visibility into cloud computing environments. Other key factors include:

  • Comprehensive alerting

  • Support for open-source collection through OpenTelemetry

  • Customizable, pre-built dashboards

  • Data tiering and flexible pricing vs. legacy pricing focused on hosts

  • Best-in-class security certifications and attestations

Can Sumo Logic provide end-to-end observability across my technology stack?

Yes, Sumo Logic provides log management, infrastructure monitoring, APM and more as part of our full-stack observability solution. Any new telemetry collected from across your tech stack (physical or virtual machines, clouds, microservices, etc.) provides additional context and insights that help you gain visibility into your overall environment.

How does Sumo Logic make detecting and resolving issues easier than other infrastructure monitoring tools?

Sumo Logic provides an end-to-end approach to monitoring and troubleshooting. Quickly detect anomalous events via pre-set alerts, then enable rapid root cause analysis through machine learning-aided technology and robust querying capabilities for your logs and metrics. Beyond getting to the root cause of issues in the moment, capabilities like our predict operator for querying logs or metrics can also help you plan for the future — preempting bottlenecks and informing infrastructure capacity planning.

Compared to other infrastructure monitoring solutions, Sumo Logic supports log data with a professional-grade query language and standard security for all users, including encryption-at-rest and security attestations (PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, SOC2, GDPR, etc.) and FedRAMP — at no additional charge.

One place for infrastructure visibility

Get the power of end-to-end visibility across your application infrastructure.