Global Airline Company

“Moving our applications to the cloud is a crucial part of our company’s digital transformation strategy. Sumo Logic has been integral to attaining the PCI DSS compliance that’s a prerequisite for these projects.”


A leading global airline arrives ahead of schedule at cloud computing PCI DSS compliance, thanks to Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM solution

  • Challenge


    As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation, a leading global airline company embarked on a major initiative that—when fully completed–would entail moving hundreds of applications to the cloud. However, essential to this initiative was the need for the company’s nascent cloud platforms to first attain compliance with the highly demanding PCI Data Security Standard. Failing to achieve this milestone would endanger the company’s entire digital transformation efforts.

  • Solution


    In an effort to supplant earlier attempts that fell short of the company’s objectives, the airline company standardized on Sumo Logic’s Cloud Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, while concurrently adopting a far-reaching set of supporting procedures and best practices.

  • Results


    The airline reached its PCI readiness goals far more quickly than anticipated. This set the stage for additional machine data use cases, as well as laid the groundwork for its advancing migration to cloud computing.