The State of Modern Applications & DevSecOps in the Cloud - 2018
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The State of Modern Applications & DevSecOps in the Cloud

Third Annual Report

Learn how the world’s top cloud savvy companies like Twitter, Airbnb, Adobe, and Salesforce build and manage their modern applications.

The Sumo Logic 2018 State of Modern Applications & DevSecOps in the Cloud report provides data-driven insights, best practices, and year-over-year trends by analyzing technology adoption among enterprises who run massive applications on AWS, Azure, and GCP. The report also provides additional visibility into the DevSecOps tools and methodologies used within cloud-first organizations as they “lift and shift” or modernize and migrate existing applications to cloud environments.

Based on active data from more than 1,600 customers using Sumo Logic’s machine data analytics platform, the report gives insights like:

  • 1 in 3 enterprises use managed or native Kubernetes orchestration solutions and 28% enterprises use Docker containers in AWS
  • Multi-cloud adoption and deployments have doubled with AWS commanding the largest market share
  • More than 1 in 4 enterprises are adopting a combination of cloud-native platform security services (CloudTrail, VPC Flow Logs, GuardDuty, etc.)
  • 1 in 3 enterprises use AWS Lambda technologies.

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