Digital Customer Experience

Ensure each customer’s digital experience is exceptional

Resolve points of friction and identify opportunities to delight your customers with a single analytics platform to manage reliability and security across your modern apps.

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Need to innovate faster with less risk?

One poor digital experience can decrease customer loyalty, or worse. . . cause a customer to churn.

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Customer churn

Today’s customers are more discerning than ever. A delay, a bug, a broken link can cause a customer to leave your site and not return.

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Slow diagnosis

Manual tracking where problems occur delays your ability to fix issues and creates dissatisfied customers.

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Multiple geographies and devices

Heterogeneous user traffic on applications makes it hard to tune in to the specific signal you need to manage the digital experience.

Detect Insider Threats

Expanding threats

Digital transformation and cloud migration create expanding attack surfaces that put the security of your digital experience at risk.

Deliver the performance your customers expect

Unified telemetry allows you to tie application performance directly to user experience.

Track user

Track every user interaction

Sumo Logic tracks every user interaction and traces it across the application and infrastructure layers to quickly understand bottlenecks.

App error

See how application errors impact users

Quickly identify errors that impact engagement, conversion and acquisition.


Segment performance by geo, device and browser type

See how components impact user experience to focus on the signals that matter: CDN, application or infrastructure performance.


Break down silos

Our unified platform manages all telemetry to align teams around high-performing applications, while also identifying threats across users and devices.

Track user experience and emerging threats

Observability and Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Observability and Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Reduce downtime and solve customer-impacting issues faster with integrated full-stack observability and APM for all your application data including logs, metrics and traces across the entire development lifecycle.

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Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics

Cloud Infrastructure Security

Data breaches and cyber attacks erode customer trust and impact digital experiences. Secure your digital cloud applications with comprehensive data monitoring and analysis that improves situational awareness, protects users and keeps your brand intact.

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Want happy users? Start with reliable and secure digital experiences.

Sumo Logic provides visibility into the performance and security of modern applications, powered by high-fidelity open telemetry and real-time analytics.

Real User Monitoring

Capture and visualize all real user traffic and compare page performance across geographies, browsers and operating systems. Understand when users experience friction: slow page loads, high latency, traffic bottlenecks and DNS delays to identify opportunities for improvement.

Real User Monitoring

Service maps and dashboards

Understand end-to-end transactions by mapping dependencies for every service and every user click. Visualize all service dependencies with open standard compatible distributed tracing data. Application and service dashboards break down latency, load and errors to identify services contributing to application slowdowns.

Service maps and dashboards

Manage reliability

Manage large, complex applications by defining the right signals from logs, metrics and traces. Reliability Management lets you easily track Service Level Objectives (SLOs), Service Level Indicators (SLIs) and Error Budgets in order to balance innovation with reliability, and ensure an exceptional end-user experience.

Manage reliability

Real-time threat detection

Identify threats in real time, respond to security incidents quickly, enforce security configurations and monitor for any drifts across your cloud and modern applications, and analyze risk through identity and context awareness.

Real-time threat detection

Modernize your security operations

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