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2018年09月12日 Dave Frampton

Introducing Sumo Logic’s New Cloud SIEM Solution for Modern IT

Today at Sumo Logic’s annual user conference, Illuminate, we are announcing a new cloud SIEM solution to address fundamental challenges legacy security analytics tools have failed to solve.

Traditional security information and event management (SIEM) solutions (and most all of the “next-generation” follow-ons) iteratively developed mature solutions that aggregated data for central monitoring, correlated and prioritized events, and provided reporting for largely on-premise infrastructures.

While most of the recent innovation in the SIEM product category has focused on integrating adjacent functions (UBA, SOAR, packet layer insight, etc.), the essential core functions of the traditional SIEM solution have not adapted to modernizing IT and have created a massive gap in the defense.

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Dave Frampton

Vice President and General Manager, Cloud SIEM & Security Analytics, Sumo Logic

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