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2016年05月19日 Jay Yeras

Delivering Analytics Behind the Analytics at Dodge Data & Analytics

Dodge Data & Analytics uses Sumo Logic's cloud-native, machine data analytics platform to drive operational excellence.

If you’re not a builder or architect, you may not be familiar with Dodge Data & Analytics. We help building product manufacturers, general contractors and subcontractors, architects and engineers to size markets, prioritize prospects, strengthen market positions and optimize sales strategies. Simply put, we build the analytics engine for the builder community.

In our industry, it’s important that we deliver a consistent level of operational availability in order to best serve our clients. We didn’t have a solution in place for machine data analytics and needed a way to make better use of our logs and time-series metrics data to quickly surface and remediate known and unknown issues. Sumo Logic was a great choice for helping us monitor and manage our system’s operational metrics based on ease of deployment, maintenance and support, and powerful search queries.

Sumo Logic’s machine data analytics platform allows our teams to accurately correlate meaningful information to provide root cause analysis and operational behavior patterns. Literally with one click of a button we have access to our data, giving us better real-time insights into our own infrastructure, so we can in turn serve up better insights for our customers. Sumo Logic calls this continuous intelligence and it’s our approach as well.

Tighter organizational collaboration is also important to us. Sumo Logic is helping to bring together various teams within Dodge, including our IT operations team, DevOps, DBAs and incident managers. It provides single version of the truth for monitoring and troubleshooting so that we work better together and solve problems faster and isn’t that what it’s all about?

About the bloggers: Doug Sheley is Director of Infrastructure Systems. Jay Yeras is a system administrator at Dodge Data & Analytics, unofficially known as “Doer of Things”.

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