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2023年02月22日 Tarun Kumar

See how reliability management enhancements expand your SLO value

Reliability management enhancements

When we announced the general availability of reliability management in Sept 2022, you saw how crucial this functionality was for the digital customer experience. Unique insights from users helped to improve the experience and usability that we’ve incorporated into our latest release.

Now you can use a wide range of features that will help you on your reliability management journey. Whether you’re just getting started with Service Level Objectives (SLOs) or have a robust management system, these updates can augment your reliability.

Monitor-based SLOs

The monitors that alert you for customer-visible service interruptions and other reliability measurements are great candidates for SLOs. You can now set up SLOs on top of already-defined monitors in Sumo Logic with a few clicks from the monitors list page/details section and start getting visibility into the current reliability right away.

Monitor-based SLOs - Dashboard
Monitor-based SLOs - dashboard 2

Get the detailed walkthrough in our documentation.

SLO definitions available as a lookup table

If you need to evaluate all your SLOs together, or find something specific from your batch of SLOs, you can see the definitions of all the SLOs as a lookup table. You can use it to correlate other data in Sumo Logic such as sumologic_slo_output with the SLO definitions for SLO rollups, filtering and custom visualizations (dashboard panels). This lookup table can be queried using CAT operator (e.g. CAT sumo://content/slos).

SLO definitions available as a lookup table - dashboard 3

You can correlate with other data in Sumo Logic using the lookup operator.

SLO definitions available as a lookup table - dashboard 4

Query drilldowns from SLO dashboard

If you prefer custom visualizations for SLOs but aren’t always sure what query is powering the standard, out-of-the-box dashboard, you’ll be pleased to drill down into panel queries from SLO dashboards. You can use this to understand the queries, tweak them as needed and build custom visualizations.

Query drilldowns from SLO dashboard

Multiple metrics query support in SLOs

Use multiple metrics queries for the threshold-based definition for "Query" field in the SLI definition. You can use it for generating derived time series using arithmetic operations and use it for your Service Level Indicator (SLI) definition. Multiple metrics queries can be defined from scratch on the SLO editor and/or on the metrics page and can be imported to the SLO editor via "Create an SLO" menu option.

Multiple metrics query support in SLOs
Multiple metrics query support in SLOs - dashboard 2

As you progress on your reliability management journey, we’re excited to see how these new Sumo Logic features can help you. Learn more about reliability management and how it can help your organization.

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