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2023年01月31日 Ayushi Asthana

Test observability with Sumo Logic

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The software industry has seen many evolutions. There is a new disruption in the market every five years or so.

Software testing cannot remain isolated from all the latest trends and technologies. Testing strategies need to keep up with agile development, faster deployments and increasing customer demand for reliability and user-friendly interfacing. They need to be able to grow just as quickly and just as reliably as the business logic.

We have seen quality engineering (QE) processes evolve from test automation to autonomous testing, so let's talk about a new requirement for growth: test observability.

Test observability means deriving continuous insights from your automation infrastructure and using them to make crucial decisions around product stability, reliability, and speed gaps in continuous deployment. It also helps you ensure that you spend your time and money running tests where they are needed and get a bird's eye view of your entire system through these automated tests.

Why is test observability important?

You can create a complex testing infrastructure using various tools, frameworks and processes. However, the cost of maintaining and monitoring that infrastructure and ensuring it actually does what it says is a whole different problem.

Test observability helps us answer a lot of important questions about the efficiency of our processes and our tests. At Sumo Logic, we use our own platform just as our customers do, which means we’ve already gone down this path and can share some key learnings.

A few of the challenges we have faced at Sumo Logic as we expanded our offerings were:

  • Getting consolidated health status for all our deployment locations

  • Identifying the blast radius of a change

  • Finding common patterns among test failures

  • Monitoring test stability and speed in the CI/CD pipeline

  • Monitoring test ROI

By collecting our test automation data we are able to find relevant information and take targeted action without much operational delay. Let’s talk about how we solved these problems by adopting Test observability using Sumo Logic and how it added value to the company.

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